REFA-meeting on governmental level

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On march 4, REFA CEO Class Arlt and Arne Möbest met with german government officials in Berlin. Other participants were Prof. Dr. Liebing, chairman of the German-African Business Association, Stephan Frense, CEO of the Arge-Netz Group, as well as a number of REFA-shareholders.

Aim of this meeting was to put forward to the national government proposals and demands concerning the circumstances of REFA´s entrepreneurial commitment in Africa. In fact, subsidy and promotion programs already exist, such as "AfricaConnect", which provides up to 4 million Euros for investments made by medium-sized companys. Moreover, multiple protective guarantees and ongoing communication on governmental levels are indespensable. This is likely to facilitate the subsequent negotiations on projects in Africa. 

The governmental representatives were very interested and assured them of the full support of the german government. It was agreed, that further talks with the participation of the Ministry of Economics and the Ministry of Economic Cooperation will be held in the near future.