The Renewable Energy for Africa GmbH & Co. KG (REFA) was established to generate economic growth in Africa based on clean energy. The African benefits result from the nationwide decentralized power supply, the reasonable costs and the development of gradual independency of fossil energy sources. Our holistic approach is completed by the knowledge transfer, which creates secure jobs and local value added.

Hand in hand with the local citizens, the possibilities of a closed and sustainable value chain in emission-free energy generation shall be explored.

The founder of the REFA project as pioneers of the German energy transition provide their long standing solid know-how to continue their activities against climate change on an international level.

The projected implementation:

  • Installation of public private partnership, associations and alliances.
  • Development of strategies for energy distribution structures in Africa.
  • Implementation of central or distributed energy supply by renewable energies.
  • Implementation of infrastructure in the sector of energy value added chain such as grids, relay stations, energy storage, maintenance and communication.