As pioneers of the German energy transition, the founders of REFA hold experienced know-how in all fields of renewable energy production. Our projects are balanced with the citizens in the area to match their needs. We meet with the representatives of the department of energy in the particular african country and discuss which power supply is needed and where. Based on this information we create a concept to meet their needs.

You decide, what you need!

Typical activities:

  • Development of energy-concepts for rural areas
  • Foundation of local operating companies
  • Adding value locally through citizen participation
  • Project development, implementation and operation of
    • Wind power plants
    • Photovoltaic sites and solar parks
    • Biogas plants
    • Power lines
    • Errection of sub stations for medium and high voltage grids (20 or 110 kV)

  • Management
  • Operational management
  • Technical management