About REFA´s commitment in the current edition of "africa economy"

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In the current edition of "africa economy" (1/2020) four AV-member companies present their projects on the African continent. Under the heading "voices of the economy" CEO Arne Möbest explains in a short statement REFA´s commitments in the expanding of power supply in Mozambique or Guinea.

Africa´s sustainable economic development is closely linked to the renewable energies´ expansion. Increasing population numbers, a shortage of resources and the threats of climate change are major challenges of the contemporary. Therefore, decentralised energy supply on one´s own initiative at affordable costs is an important milestone on the way to independence, wealth and progress on the African continent. REFA has committed itself to this goal and together with the local people REFA will develop reliable electricity on renewable energy sources, like they have done before in their own communities.

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